Emerging Artist Coaching Program




Join the Delaware Art Museum and Tonya Baynes Coaching on a six-week intensive group coaching journey. Group coaching provides opportunities for learning and growing through collective wisdom. This program will focus on common challenges for emerging artists and strategies to move past them. Along with a group of your peers, you will be guided through interactive, thought provoking and reflective exercises. We’ll work together to identify what isn’t working and develop a plan to start new behaviors that will lead to greater success and fulfillment in your professional and personal life.


Select spots available for registrants who fill out a short application. Look for an email from us with next steps after you register.

About Tonya:

Coach Tonya Baynes is an entrepreneur and Certified Life Coach specializing in shifting mindsets. That’s fancy for helping people think about things in a different way. Born and raised in Harlem, NYC, Tonya was exposed to all walks of life and learned at an early age what passion looked like. However, finding it for herself wasn’t so easy. That search led Tonya on a very colorful and diverse career path from a B.A. in Pre-Professional Chemistry to credit card banking. Then from retail to education. During her time as an informal educator she really began to see how her talents were truly helping people. She was given the role of Program Coach, helping Camp Directors raise the bar for their summer camps, which serve our highest needs children. For several years in a row, her assigned camps showed consistent improvement. Camp Directors made special requests to work with her as their coach. In the fall of 2018, Tonya decided she wanted to use coaching to help women grow their talents and get better at whatever they loved to do. Passion found! Now as much as she loves coaching, her favorite job of all is being a mom. She is an aviator wife and mom of two amazing teenagers. She loves to build things, tell stories and travel the world. When she is not coaching or cooking, you can sometimes find her on stage at a local theater, acting and singing her heart out.